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help the uniformed solve simple puzzle

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  • help the uniformed solve simple puzzle

    I've been racking my brain over what is undoubtedly a simple problem for many of the people on this forum. If anyone is in a puzzle solving mood, please give me an economical answer to the following. If you want the ‘story’ I’ll post it below for amusement.

    Cabinet is 2.57 CF (21.5 h x 14.4 w x 14.25 d) all inside dimensions
    Hole in it for 12” speaker
    Amp is 200 Watts
    Will have separate sub Woofer

    12” Speaker $100 or less each? (high sensitivity would be nice? Full range?)
    Tweeter? ( I can cover the current hole so anything works)
    Port diameter and length?


    Years ago I said I would be announcer/dj for my daughter’s softball team. There was no PA, but having participated in “crappy garage bands” and dabbled with car stereos I had some stuff lying around and figured I could fix something up that would suffice.

    I built some really nice sturdy cabinets, which is the only part I want to re-use here. The design process was to use up all the plywood and make them about that size. I put 2 12” speakers left over from a car stereo system in them, bought some super-cheap Pyle 4 x 10 horns ($7 each I think) and a couple of crossovers. What was the crossover point? Who knows, I just picked one off the list that w 8 ohms since that is what the both speakers were. I bored two holes in each cabinet the size of my largest spade bit because I knew from observation that they should be there.

    The speakers sounded like ****. I mean they really sounded terrible. There are toys that sound better. However, all I had to do was announce who was up to bat next and play 45 seconds of music between innings so it didn’t really matter. The primary goal was to come up with something load enough for people throughout the ballpark to hear and they did accomplish that.

    Now, 15 years later my son is wanting to do some DJ-ing. I dug out the cabinets. Mice ate the speakers and the driver is broken off the horns. I know the cabinets are super solid (albeit overkill and heavy), so I want to just put a 12” speaker and tweeter in each them, but this time do it correctly. I studied for a couple of days before concluding I could get it done correctly, but would probably get a better solution by asking all you savants who debate this stuff I don’t understand in this forum. So I’m asking.

    Funny aside. My kid’s grandfather is a woodworking whiz and is always building fancy furniture and stuff for family members. I’m trying to talk him into building DJ-Noobie a Tuba 60 for Christmas. Every 15-year old needs one of those. LOL

    Thanks for any advice you might offer.

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    Re: help the uniformed solve simple puzzle

    You need to use prosound drivers and although this will technically give you a fullrange box it won't produce serious bass so subs will be necessary. And then you need to consider what size of sub you are prepared to move, the T60 is massive and some venues won't have great access... you may have to carry the equipment up stairs for example.

    Have a look at the packages available from the DIY Sound group, you can use that as a guideline for drivers and crossover if you don't buy one of those kits.
    Paul O


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      Re: help the uniformed solve simple puzzle

      Awesome, that is exactly what I was looking for, and the work had already been done. I did figure out why my old ones sounded so bad. The 12" were subwoofers so I had no midrange at all. You might be right on the Tuba 60. It is a fun concept, until you have to carry it up two flights of stairs and take a door off the hinges just to use it. Thanks.


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        Re: help the uniformed solve simple puzzle

        Originally posted by BrindlePig View Post
        You might be right on the Tuba 60. It is a fun concept, until you have to carry it up two flights of stairs and take a door off the hinges just to use it.
        The good news is that if you don't have a four man crew and you're not doing gigs in rooms with double wide doors, you don't need it. T39 or T45 is plenty for any 15 year old, unless you plan on buying him a Maserati and a cube van for his next birthday.


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          Re: help the uniformed solve simple puzzle

          Ben there, done that. A manufactured powered speaker will sound better and be easier transport/set up for a aspiring DJ and are nearly impossible to beat dollar per dollar' (DIY subs are still a good value).

          A set of used Mackie thumps or louder SRM350's can be found fairly cheap, having the processors/limiters/amps matched to the drivers is hard to accomplish DIY and they you are faced with building a good looking (professional) box that one person can lift on a stand.