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Hi all! Questions about studio gear

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  • kblackmore
    Re: Hi all! Questions about studio gear

    You might want to try, they have quite a selection.

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  • kanemack
    started a topic Hi all! Questions about studio gear

    Hi all! Questions about studio gear

    So I don't know if anyone will be able to help here, but I figured it was more likely that you guys could, than on the speaker forum.

    So here goes nothing. My son(11) is really into electronic music. When confronted with the choice of musical instrument to learn at school, he decided that he would rather produce than play. I always support stuff like this just because it's one more thing to learn and I figure he can't learn too much. Off to Guitar Center we go. I got him the M Audio Axiom Air25. Great machine. The problem is now I have to learn faster than him so I can keep him on track until he breaks away and can figure out everything for himself.

    Now comes the questions. I was wondering if there was a resource for new samples that is preferred? Are there any places where resources have been cataloged, such as a place where the best guides to get started in making beats? What is the next step after he gets the machine and software figured out? Also what is the next equipment to look at? Guitar center has classes on Saturdays that I will be taking him to, but I just wanted to get a little wiser before I show up.

    Thanks for any ideas or help!