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  • Dayton D250P-8

    Does anyone have experience with the Dayton D250P-8? I recently ordered a pair of B&C DE250 with SEOS waveguides (said to arrive tomorrow), and these Dayton units appear to be a copy of the DE250 (extremely similar specs). Just wondering if I could have saved $100 on my order by using these instead if the performance is equal. These are priced similar to the Selenium D220ti.

    I've used the Dayton PA465S-18 which is a copy of the B&C 18TBX100, and I found it to be very good. Distortion performance was mediocre but I am blaming the amp (Crown XTI2002) not the speaker. The forums are riddled with problems with the Crown XTI, unfortunate since their other models are excellent for the most part. I haven't heard the B&C equivalent so I don't really have anything to compare to in this instance.
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    Re: Dayton D250P-8

    They may be similar, but the Daytons don't measure as well as the B&C model.
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