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Kustom speaker ap15p compression driver replacment

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  • Kustom speaker ap15p compression driver replacment

    Hi does anyone have any idea on a replacement compression driver for a Kustom AP15P 2 way speaker. I can't seem to find original replacement parts, or any specs on this model. I know using a better quality driver would be better sound wise, but I'm not sure of which one to use. The only info I have is that it is 16 ohm, it's a 1' screw on type and it only weighs about 150gm (less than a 1/4 of pound) so it is not very heavy, but all the 1'' screw on drivers I have found online weigh 4 pounds or more.

    I am at a loss of what to replace them with, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Pete

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    Re: Kustom speaker ap15p compression driver replacment

    Pics are your friend, the cabs may have a piezo compression driver which are very light but even if they are not that would make a cost effective replacement. You could also substitute one of the many dynamic compression drivers PE offers but it is very likely you will have to modify the crossover to integrate them well... but then the crossover or lack thereof may be the reason the drivers failed in the first place so some upgrades may be in order.
    Paul O


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      Re: Kustom speaker ap15p compression driver replacment

      Neo Compression driver ferro fluid cooled - xover @ 2.2Khz
      You could contact the mfg. in Hebron KY
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