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    A few years back I wrote about bad wedding music. This time I’m happy to report I heard some very good wedding music (sound system).

    The Dj was an older musician, who started the DJ company in 1988. He understood what decent sound should be and he had different speakers depending on what venue. He was most adamant about having subwoofers (lower bass units) when using high tops.

    The most interesting part was the gear he brought to this wedding. He said some 10 plus years ago he was in a touring music show and would be approached by different manufactures to demo their PA gear. That’s when found this integrated amp, subwoofer, and high tops. He said it’s a preproduction unit from JBL. He said he liked it so much he purchased the patent rights to the design (?)

    The high tops are about 16 x 12 by 6 inches deep. It looked like a 6 inch driver with maybe a tweeter. The L-shaped sub woofer has a rectangular opening on the short side. I could not see the woofer as it seemed inappropriate to get down on the floor and look inside.

    He was using a Numark Ipod mixer This was feeding the amp inside the subwoofer box. There was no plate amp/ face plate showing.

    The system has a matching box that holds the cables. This might fit in the front opening of the subwoofer. The high tops would stack on the step of the subwoofer.

    Overall a cool set up with decent sound, I was impressed.
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