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Target frequency response for "tops"...

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  • Target frequency response for "tops"...


    At the end, the FR of both tops is displayed. Apart from a peak in the bass response, they both display what looks like a pretty deep suckout around 4kHz or thereabouts. Is this "normal" for these type of speakers, and if so, is there a particular reason why they're designed that way?
    Brian Steele

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    Re: Target frequency response for "tops"...

    Not having heard these...
    The 515XT is advertised as being within a +/- 3db window from 42Hz - 18KHz.
    I know of no compelling reason to design suckout.
    There are a lot of market offerings at that low price point; as a rule I always run mental math to guesstimate cost to manufacture.
    I do however consider the possibility of measurement contamination.
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      Re: Target frequency response for "tops"...

      Human hearing is most sensitive at about 4khz so it is natural to EQ a smiley curve around that frequency, too much energy at 4khz sounds really harsh to me. I don't know if they used any EQ in that demo but as both speakers demonstrated the same overall characteristic response shape it wouldn't surprise me if they did. The lumpy lowend response is the room, and to my ear the Alto sounds thin compared to the JBL, the response is less refined and characteristic of cheap drivers with little or no corrective EQ.
      Paul O