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Down Firing Voxel with SA70 Amp

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    My subwoofer is finished. Thank You Keith Etheredge!



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      This is great. I've got a simple 2.1 setup using Overnight Sensations and an old computer subwoofer. I don't know where I should best ask this (this thread or the original Voxel thread), but I'll post it here regardless. Is there anything inherently wrong with taking the original Voxel design and adding rubber feet on the baffle to make it down firing? Understood it will still be passive in design (same as my current setup), but it shouldn't be "wrong" with it, correct?


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        I think you're OK taking the original voxel design and making it downfiring with feet if you like, just make sure the woofer has plenty of clearance to the floor. My downfiring version has the woofer an inch or two higher than the feet for clearance purposes. Think about what floor you have too. Deep pile carpet, or hardwood? The carpet will stick up higher than your feet.