Happy holidays fellow Tech talk members! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves and have some vacation time.

After enjoying my Amiga towers for a while, I am finally in a position to build my sunflower center channel to complement them. We have a local supplier here for Dayton and similar parts express items and so I went yesterday to pick up all parts on my list. Now, they did not have exact matches for everything so there are two slight differences in parts list for the crossovers. I am wondering how that will affect my speaker build and if it will be a major issue. It is quite difficult to source parts here other than the place I went to and parts express wants like $30-40 USD just to ship.

So here are the differences between Paul's sunflower CC list and what I purchased:
- Required: 0.35mH inductor, Purchased: 0.36mH inductor
- Required: 0.60mH inductor, Purchased: 0.62mH inductor
- Required: 50mfd capacitor, Purchased: 51mfd capacitor
- Required: 5.0mH inductor, Purchased: 5.1mH inductor

The rest is all the same as the list. now I am aware that the inductors can be modified; can I not slightly unravel them to get closer to the actual values without affecting their performance? Also, for the 51 mfd capacitor, I know this would slightly lower the crossover point, but at only 2%difference than the one on the list (50mfd), will it be enough to make a noticeable experience in the final product?

I will post some pics for your enjoyment of the parts :p