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  • "Birthday Build" for Mike

    Here is my "Birthday Build" for a friend's 50th birthday present, commissioned by his wife. It uses a Vifa XT25BG60-04 1" Shielded Dual Ring Radiator Tweeter, and a Peerless 830875 6-1/2" Nomex Cone HDS Woofer. The enclosure is a 25 liter bass reflex box tuned to 42 Hz. The crossover is adapted almost exactly from a design by Jay a.k.a. Brewski in an old thread here on Parts Express:

    I used a mix of Audyn and Jantzen (the lower end ones) for the series caps and NPE for the large caps in Zobel and the RLC. Inductors were Jantzen. I added an L-pad (not shown in diagram) consisting of a 3 Ohm resistor in series and an 8 Ohm resistor in parallel to match sensitivity and reduce an upwards tilt of the tweeter response.

    The cabinets have 3 internal window braces, foam dampening (mattress topper) and the port was made from a 3" pipe, using 60 degree knee to make it fit, and flared on the outside using a chamfer bit. The sides of the baffle have a 1/2" roundover. The cabinet is covered in zebrawood veneer and finished with Polycril.

    The attached measurements were taken at 1 meter using REW and a umik-1 in my garage (as shown) and gated at 10ms (left) and 50ms (right). Response curves include woofer and tweeter alone (both hot pink), on axis (purple), 30 deg (green), and 60 deg (yellow-ish). The speakers are not intended to be toed in.

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    Where did you get that neat acoustic foam?

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      I honestly don't remember, bought it a long time ago., I think.


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        Those look great! I'm considering rebuilding a small 2-way setup and was actually looking at those exact two drivers. I'm constrained a little bit on choice of drivers because the cabinets are done, but these two fit, but I wasn't sure how they would sound together. Looks like they match pretty well. I'll have to take a look at that crossover. I've built a bunch of speakers for friends and family, it's always fun to build a pair of speakers for someone else, not sure why, especially when it's all just for fun (ie, for free) but any opportunity to hone in the speaker building skills on someone else's dime is a good opportunity I suppose!


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          danmarx I was under a bit of time pressure, which is why I went with that crossover without any significant changes. Had I had more time (e.g. if this had been for myself), I would have experimented a bit more. Don't get me wrong, they sound great, but I think the on-axis dip at 3kHz and the upward tilt could have been improved a bit.


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            That zebrawood veneer is the bee's knees!! Wish I had friends like you!
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              Originally posted by Wolf View Post
              Where did you get that neat acoustic foam?

              No matter where you go, there you are.


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                Thanks for the link, always nice to have some other options.
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