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Klipsch Cornwall speaker cabinet build.

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  • Klipsch Cornwall speaker cabinet build.

    Building these for a buddy of mine that had all of the components and new brown cane grill frames. He's putting these in his kitchen to replace the current pair of C's there. His wife wants the color finish to match the kitchen floors. Wish my wife felt that way! Using 3/4" 17 ply BB plywood and will use cherry aircraft grade veneer on tops and sides. Fun build so far
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    Ok that all makes sense except the part about these going in a KITCHEN


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      Well, they are about the size of kitchen appliances so maybe no one will notice.
      Maybe a stainless steel finish will help

      Seriously though, good job. I have a spare pair of crites cast 15 and a cornscala is on my todo list if I can find a place where they will fit


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        I just drink coffee to wake-up in the morning.


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          How deep are you planning to make those ports? I have a set of Crites Cornscalas in mind for my sound room (in the making), I just don't really understand the reason for the ports. I fed all the Thiele Small numbers in Bass Box Pro and it is telling me those woofers are best for a closed box. What am I missing?


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            Hey guys kinda dropped posting in the middle of the project. They are finished now and delivered. My friend is replacing the set of Cornwalls he had in the kitchen with these. Turned out well and he and his wife (who wanted new Cornwalls in the kitchen !!!!!!) are pleased. Kblackmore not sure what T/S specs you have on the K-33 woofer but it works well in a ported cabinet. As I recall the length of the fort is about 9.5" x the internal width of the cabinet - about 23.5".


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