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Hello, and My Second 3-Way

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  • Millstonemike
    You need to post basic data on your build to get a response, and likely, needed help. Which drivers, cabinet dimensions / layout and port dimensions or no port. Crossover numbers, components, etc.

    That may allow some of the gurus here to point you in the right direction and build a good speaker,

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  • Brian B
    started a topic Hello, and My Second 3-Way

    Hello, and My Second 3-Way

    Hello all,
    I'm currently in the process of building my second 3-way. I did my first 3-way last winter. The only other design I've done was a powered subwoofer (over 10 years ago). I've assembled a couple of other people's 2-ways designs, but these are the first loudspeakers I've designed and built myself.
    I find building these larger cabinets time consuming, and I typically get a little frustrated with the crossover and getting them to sound good (to me). But I may continue to do at least one design a year.
    I already had most of the woodworking tools needed to build the cabinets, but since my speaker building has been a seldom thing, I have not acquired many helpful “tools” (software or electronic). As a result most of my crossover work (other than a starting point from simple software calculations) has been done by ear with sine waves and music CDs. Obviously not a formula for a speaker that measures well. And perhaps not a formula for any “good” speaker. But I enjoy the results anyway.