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    Great build, love the setup in general - the wood finish, the background graphics, and the nice vintage receiver. I can't imagine any kind of rock, R&B, hip-hop... anything really... sounding bad on that system.

    Originally posted by BrianRIC View Post
    Thanks so much for all the details and the additional pics. That is very helpful I'm working on a build right now that will be finished using Wilsonart "Madagascar" laminate with a high gloss finish. I have a 36"x96" roll at the house that I'm planning to install this weekend. I'm just doing a sealed subwoofer...for now. I'll be painting the front baffle "piano black", since the laminate is high gloss.

    I'm thinking about building the Classix 2.5 for myself. Based on your impressions of the Classix II, how do you think they would perform doing double duty for both music and home theater (front L/R)?
    They'll do great. The Classix II will put out solid bass down into the 30hz range, which is as deep as some budget subwoofers. I personally don't use mine with subwoofers, but if you do decide to go with a subwoofer or two for that extra sub-bass, definitely experiment with crossover points. Forget the standard 80hz; you can cross these guys over at 60hz, 50hz, or maybe even 40hz.