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  • Scan/Satori 2-way

    I was kind of lazy with pics and documentation on this one, but thought I'd share what I have.

    It's an active 2-way consisting of:
    Scan-Speak 18W-853G00:

    Satori TW29R-B:

    Cabinet is 1.4 ft3 tuned to 30Hz with a single 2" precision port @ 5.36" long
    Cabinets are internally braced and lined with a layer of 80-mil Noico bitumen and a mix of 1" and 1/2" foam. The base of the cabinet is stuffed pretty densely with acoust-a-stuff.
    Currently crossing them at 1600Hz with a bit of pad on the tweeter and a bit of BSC. Not much else at the moment and they measure pretty flat.
    Going to listen and tweak, but so far I'm impressed. These are the nicest drivers I've worked with and so far it seems worth the extra $$.
    They dig pretty deep, but it's all about the detail. I'm immediately hearing new things in my usual reference material.
    I only have a couple hours of listening, so I'm really looking forward to listening and tweaking.

    The front baffle is 2 layers of .75" baltic birch trimmed with Maple (biscuits and Titebond)

    I cut 45's on the edges and used the scrap to brace the joint

    The rear cover is recessed into this dado

    Maple edging and driver holes:

    Baffles are removable. I had some 2" long bolts that sit in these recesses and connect to 1/4x20 threaded inserts mounted on the cabinet bracing.

    Ports and speakon connections are also recessed

    I used some gel stain from General Finishes. First time using the stuff and I liked it quite a bit.

    It goes on like mud and you wipe off all of the excess after a couple of minutes to find this underneath

    I used Arm-R Seal (also by General Finishes) as a topcoat. I usually spray, but rubbed this on in a bunch (6?8?) of thin coats.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Question: How did you choose the location for the vent, or was it just driven by aesthetics?
    Brian Steele


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      Is there something specific you'd like to point out, Brian?
      It's on the back panel due to modeled port velocity being higher than I'd prefer.


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        Originally posted by TrickyMike View Post
        Is there something specific you'd like to point out, Brian?
        It's on the back panel due to modeled port velocity being higher than I'd prefer.
        ​Nope, I'm just curious about what led to your choice of putting it on the back and at that particular point on the rear panel.
        Brian Steele


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          Nice job, I lIke the contrast ofor the baffles. Happy listening!


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            nice. i have often wondered about this combo. the Satori tweeter is one of my favorites. the 18W is just a great unit period.

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              Just a little update on these. I've managed to do a bit of voicing over the last few days and have maybe 10-12 hours of listening.

              Listening to Herbie Hancock at the moment and am really impressed with these drivers. In my humble opinion, the Scan woofer lives up to the hype. Accurate/articulate bass dipping into the 30's. It punches well above its weight. I have the sub muted and haven't been tempted to un-mute it. Midrange is fantastic. Tenor sax sizzles and cuts through the mix but never gets harsh. Just musical.

              Likewise for that Satori tweeter. It's easy to see why they're so popular. High level of detail, no harshness, sibilance or listener fatigue.

              Also not a hint of the port noise I was a little concerned with.
              Tuning (modeled at 30Hz) measured at 29.61Hz.

              These sound like keepers.


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                Nice, seem like excellent driver choices.


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                  Nicely done! Those look awesome. I've been wanting to do a tall 2-way tower just like that for a while now. What active crossover are you using?


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                    Thanks. I'm running a MiniDSP 4x10HD.


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                      The cabinets look great! I like the idea of using the miter cut offs for bracing - will have to remember that one.
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                        Nice job with everything, Mike.


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                          Very nicely done. Wish I could hear them.
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                            Those look fantastic! Nice craftsmanship! Those are some pretty serious drivers.


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                              Originally posted by thekorvers View Post
                              Very nicely done. Wish I could hear them.

                              If you're ever in Boston you can!
                              It's kind of hard to compete with these living next door, though.