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First Build - Aura T-line (using ND90)

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  • badman
    Nice job matching the tweeter "flare"- really well done.

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  • HugChopShop
    started a topic First Build - Aura T-line (using ND90)

    First Build - Aura T-line (using ND90)


    While looking for a first build I stumbled on Jim's Griffin Aura T-line. These were the right shape/size/response so I went for it. I hope these will do well without a sub for PC/background music in an office. The wife really likes them and wants them for HT use, but they just don't have the volume for that size room and movie levels.

    Speaker found at

    Assembly was fairly straight forward. I quickly learned how not square my cuts are. I thought I was doing good by rear mounting the drivers and matching the curvature of the cutout to the tweeter. Unfortunately this made a horn probably effecting tweeter frequency response and once glued together I can't access the speakers/crossover. Currently they are taped/clamped together in my living room for auditioning.

    I'm going to build another set of front baffles and see if I can tell a difference between front or rear mounted drivers. The tweeters are permanently glued in place so I'll have to buy another pair.
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