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Noobie Needing help on speaker selection

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  • Noobie Needing help on speaker selection

    I'm looking into making an omni directional bluetooth speaker with a budget of about $400 for speakers/electronics/blue tooth amplifier.

    I'm looking at a cylindrical speaker box setup similar to google home / Alexia speaker style, but on a larger scale.. somewhere in a 12" dia x 24" tall. (Preferred size, but can change to optimize sound quality)

    I was thinking of a couple of full range speakers, tweeters, and a subwoofer.  I'm new to the scene and looking at all the different options is making my head spin.
    I was hoping someone with some knowledge can help me select the right components for my next build.
    I'm plan on running the system off of a laptop type power supply.

    My first build:

    Thanks in advance,
    I know I left my request a bit vague, but I'm so new to this, I don't even know what to ask.  I would appreciate any links to parts.


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    Since this is the Gallery, you'll likely not too many hits with queries about your upcoming build. I would advise asking in the TechTalk sector if you want more feedback as to your query.
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