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Refurbish ADC 303 AX

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  • Refurbish ADC 303 AX

    This question probably dates me and anybody that answers, if you actually remember the ADC 303 AX speakers. lol. They were considered a viable alternative to other very expensive bookshelf speakers (AR, etc) back in the day. I have a pair that still work pretty well but realize that their technology is pretty old school and could probably be updated without spending a ton of money and make a much better sounding speaker system. I currently use these as the primary speakers with my computer and for that purpose they have performed well, but I am itching to upgrade them a bit without replacing the cabinets and buying entirely new speakers and cabinets too. The stock tweeters are paper cone tweeters so I am sure there is a lot that could be done there. Not sure I want to mess with the bottom end yet. The stock woofers are in amazingly good shape, the surrounds are still solid and sound fine. So the question after all of that is what would be a good match for stock crossover network? I was thinking a set of AMT might be nice but would probably require cutting the cabinet up due to likely needing one larger than the hole the factory tweeter has. Which leads me to a good wide range fabric dome type tweeter...or if someone has a better suggestion please lay it on me. I am open for suggestions.

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    Nice looking speakers. Not worth much per ebay auctions. Audiokarma has some threads on them. What don't you like about them?


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      A great way to refurbish them is to buy a different pair of speakers.....these aren't worth putting time into other than maybe a recap.