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    In my quest for 2.1 sonic perfection, I have abandoned the Nobsound 2.1 chip amp and I am now constructing a Dayton 8" DSP sub kit. I never realized the Dayton plate amp also looped the satellites through and controlled the sub and satellite cutoff points, with a 12 or 24 DB slope. Nifty. I had been looking for a 2.1 chip amp that doesn't run the satellites full range, haven't seen one yet.

    The Dayton kit gives you a flat pack from Denovo I believe, an 8" Dayton reference sub, and the 250 DSP plate amp at the price for the sub and amp. With a $20 coupon, I got some RCA cables, and a USB cable for about $300.

    I added blocks behind the mounting points for the sub, it is quite heavy and there is only 3/8" mdf left after the rebate. Kit also includes some PE upmarket sound foam with PSA.

    SMSL 50 amp to complete the new system.

    Nit: some mounting screws would have been nice so a new builder doesn't have to buy a whole bag.

    Edit: The component prices for the sub amp, speaker and sonic barrier foam is $330. The flat pack is not priced separately on the PE site. Kit price is $298.
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    You will be very pleased with the sound of the Dayton drivers and amps I’ve used a few of the 8 10 12 and 15” drivers from the high priced to the lower cheaper priced drivers and have been happy with all of them


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      Beefy little sub. What are you using for sats?


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        I have several pairs of small speakers. This is my PC sound.


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          Paint. Very humid today, tomorrow before I can flip it and finish painting.


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            Done, working. The software is on the Dayton product page, not PE. Big download, restart needed. Works super easy, I don't have the tools to use some of the adjustments. Setting LP and HP slopes is graphic and immediate. Adjust as you listen. Only been running for a few minutes, first impression, this is great for a PC 2.1 system, the real adjustability I had been looking at 2.1 chip amps to deliver.

            Nit: Both rebates are about 1/8" deeper than needed for a flush fit.


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              A second one for the LXminis. Mr. Linkwitz designed stereo Peerless subs to be used with a multi channel DSP and discrete amps. I couldn't swing that. I haven't programmed this one much less heard it. Too hot to work on the Zingers out in the garage, this I could do inside.

              PSA Sapele veneer, flat black front and back.