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  • The scrapper.

    Not that my box design is worthy of a name, but the name most certainly fits in this case. I have had 4 of the GRS 10's since I first saw them pop up on Parts-Express, so when the opportunity to use some scrap wood (MDF and cheap plywood) came , I came up with something that absolutely did not look good on paper, winisd or anything else. The scrap wood dictated box volume and the cheap 3 inch flared ports dictated tuning. What resulted was 5 cubic foot of box volume using 2 3 inch ports 11 inches long and tuning right around 24 hz. I used a BASH 500 watt plate amp, which was running a Dayton Ultimax 15 not 10 minutes earlier, so I did not expect a huge jump in output, considering the Ultimax has twice the Xmax of a single GRS 10 and Sd is half of 4. At best I expected a wash, but that's not what happened. Output was easily 5-6 db louder across the board. I am simply amazed at it every time I flip them on, that for $80 in subs, $8 in ports and some scrap wood, you can have this much bass. I cannot think of any set-up that could possibly touch this for the money, except for 4 GRS 12's and 40 watts more per sub. Sad thing is that I only built this to sell the GRS subs to pay for my Skar RP2000.1 after my Soundstream amp committed suicide. I am going to slide this into my truck to make it easier to sell to some teenager, I'm sure, who is going to very happy to get this much bass for under $200.