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  • Swope 5.1.2 Build

    Well hello all,

    This will be my first post here and will enjoy getting involved in this speaker building community. A bit about me initially is in order. I hail from Florida orginally, but after a 20 year career in the USAF I moved to the Charlotte NC area to work at an engineering firm here. I've been here about 13 years now and about to embark on my second home theater build (1st one was in my old house basement which we sold in 2011 to downsize). The new theater will not be a dedicated space, but rather a conversion of out garage into a screen room/HT/hangout space to enjoy for a few more years until my daughter goes off to college or whatever career she chooses.

    Trying to save money, I have decided to go the DIY route with speakers. I am going with an Atmos 5.1.2 layout since that is all I have space for. I have been researching the various speaker designers and came to the conclusion that the Swope HT set from Paul Carmody will do nicely in the space. It will have minimal acoustical treatments, but I want to make sure I have speakers that will sound pretty good regardless. I am doing things a BIT differently with this build. Instead of creating a sub separately, I am going to build a Swope sub into each main by stacking the mains on top of the sub in one cabinet. I know Paul once asked if anyone had done this so I am not sure anyone has so I guess it can't hurt to try. I'll be moving in summer 2021 so these will go with me when I move so I am going to make them a bit more than plain jane.

    I have done up a bit of CAD work for the L/C/R. The basic box dimensions will be the same, but combining them makes a pretty cool speaker set. The set will be done in MDF for the majority of construction, with some dark stained wood face boards. Face boards will have 1/8" x 1/8" slots done up on the table saw to give them a cool vertical stripe appearance. Same with the center though the stripes will be horizontal to match the long axis of the speaker, which will sit on a stand to get it to just below my screen. Doing it with the table saw makes the slot curve out to meet the board face for a nice look. To get the mains at ear level requires a space between them and the sub which I will use to mount the crossover.

    Basic woodworking is no problem for me so this shouldn't present much of a problem. Take a look and let me know what you think. I'd be interested in hearing your opinions. Pic of my garage screen is attached as well. Not high end but good enough with an Optoma HD143X and a Onkyo TX-NR585. And my old HT as a reference of what I had versus what I have LOL I miss the old one LOL Had a full set of Ascend 340s plus an HUS VTF1 Mk2 sub. Old place rocked pretty good.

    John Martin
    Tega Cay, SC
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    Looks like you're going to have a good time building those. The subs with the mains idea looks really nice. However, with 2 subs I would build them separately so they can be positioned for optimal bass coverage. They would also be lighter to move when the time comes.