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Finished: Mzisserson's New Horizons with built-in BT plate amp

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  • Finished: Mzisserson's New Horizons with built-in BT plate amp

    Hi All,

    I finished these twice recently as a HS graduation present for #2 of my nephews.

    I first finished them just before my shoulder surgery on 8/8. Then, before I gave them to him, his Mom and my Wife felt that having a separate receiver wouldn't be good these days...of course, I had already bought 2 Topping MX3 BT amps. I will have to find alternate uses for them, I guess.

    So, I waited until a couple of weeks ago (shoulder is getting better each week) and installed the new Lepai LP40PA 40W Mini BT plate amp.
    Installing the amp is quite easy. The little front control panel is a press-fit and a little figgity to get just right. Very little margin for error.

    I did modify the dimensions to more closely match the other set of Nugget IIs I built for his brother and fellow HS graduate. I kept the volume the same.

    I was determined to use components that I had in stock for both of these builds to reduce the inventory. I had bought all the parts to build these a couple years ago when they were on sale. They are very nice speakers and have a very good bass to them. They sound quite good with most anything and rock a smallish room very nicely, they will work well in his dorm.

    I used some left-over ribbon-striped Sapele and rattle-can satin black baffles.

    A few build pictures are at:

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    Nice, Andy! I liked that design when I heard it.
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