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Classix II Build: Disunion

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  • Classix II Build: Disunion

    I've dabbled in DIY audio for the last year or so and have finally built a set of speakers that I'm truly proud of. Everything I've built so far has been designed by Paul Carmody, starting with the Overnight Sensations TM, followed by a couple pairs of OS TMMs, and now the Classix II. Paul and others like him are an absolute godsend for people like me. I'm a woodworker first and an audio enthusiast second, so I'm more than happy to have a real expert do the heavy lifting for driver selection and crossover/enclosure design so I can make their excellent designs look as good as they sound. And mother nature do these bad boys sound amazing. I've heard Paul likes white speakers, so hopefully these will halfway interest him.

    More pictures, some of which show partial completion of the build.
    20 new items · Album by Morgan Allison (blistergeist)

    Enclosure Materials:
    Top/bottom/sides: 3/4" red oak plywood, cut into strips and edge-glued (painful but turned out great)
    Baffles: 1" Poplar

    Minwax Jacobean stain
    Rustoleum Pearl Mist
    Watco Wipe-On Poly
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    Wow, these look nice! Very interesting design. (Why am I reminded of a cow right now?)
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      Wow! Those look really cool, 'parrots! I've not seen this kind of art on a speaker before, but I like it!
      Well done,
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        Nice work! Very impressed you laminated wood to make your own boards. I had enough trouble getting straight saw cuts on MDF ;D The laminated wood gives it a unique and interesting look. I am likewise impressed with the sound of these speakers. I made mine with a forward facing port. Try James Taylor "Handyman" on your speakers, it really sounds good, rich tight bass that goes deep, crystal clear rim shot on the drum, and wonderful guitar and presence vocal.... It really shows of these speakers.