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Kerfing MDF | Bluetooth Speaker Build

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  • Kerfing MDF | Bluetooth Speaker Build

    This is another build I'm doing at the moment. It should look good when finished. In the video I mainly focus on how I kerfed the speaker enclosure. Let me know what you think.

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    Must be an Aussie thing mate I just did the same with dressed Bunnings pine. I should have my Bluetooth speaker mainly finished on the weekend with a 180 deg kerf would be keen to see the next vid
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      I like the kerf technique, but with only one tweeter, how will you have stereo imaging?


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        The multiple microphones aren't there just for listening to commands; they also sense the dimensions of the room they're in and tailor the sound, so they're not really optional components. But if what you want is an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, there are many on the market.

        essay dune


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          good idea! I've kerfed some mdf for flared port before, but never a 360 degree wrap around. My guess is that you won't actually get stereo sound, it would best to be summed mono - especially since you'll often be farther away than ears can distinguish stereo anyway (especially with speakers that close together). Might as well take advantage of positive constructive interference for a db gain. Maybe even just go two full range driver's like Paul Carmody's Sprite:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	SpriteInYellow3.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7cp4VG-zFEplDkk6pSJEINDfkfakgIHZ50PCxaun03q7kr2OFnv9phLsK_v5FCqL2avEPPc3N6u9n5SzYln0nVU3lsUPOBA-V7Q7EGOvkkxE6e1u7h6S6-sjYlkZ95totbPbmOvi_WCeJNpz4Ax7PY4CrMEC1Fy8o6EpyHo9yeHXhxPa4haTpi_XtWc-BKPWFWu7qohSzg8bqnEUtxavLiWx6Bop
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          I don't know how married you are to the speaker set up, but here's his build thread: