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Paradigm Atom rebuild - sorta DIY...

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  • Paradigm Atom rebuild - sorta DIY...

    I've been sitting on these for a while but after drawing my niece for secret santa I decided that these would make a good gift for her. I already set her up with a decent vintage pioneer amp and a dual turntable, so this should complete the set for her.

    Background: I picked these paradigm atoms up along with a thorens turntable and a marantz amp. First time I hooked them up I thought they sounded great...until the foam blew out of them about 3min in. The grills were not removable and after I cut them off I realized there was no real finish underneath (see before pic). I started to think about painting them up when my wife said "you could build nicer cabinets than those" and that was that (she's much smarter than I am...).

    I had enough materials left over from my OS TMM tower build to construct the cabinets using hickory veneer and barbados mahogany (from my grandfather's wardrobe) baffles. I figured my niece would appreciate the bit of family history from her great grandfather as well.

    The cabs were not straight forward to construct. Both drivers are rear mounted and the baffle has a concave waveguide around the tweeter. But I eventually figured it all out (with a few mistakes here and there and lots of expletives).

    These things sound HUGE! I have them sitting on top of my OS TMM towers and honestly it sounds like the towers are playing. Full sound, deep bass. Colour me impressed with these paradigm atoms!

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    Very nice work. I have had 2 pairs (different versions) of Atoms in the past (prior to starting DIY).
    They are very nice speakers for smaller rooms. I used one set in the study and the other as surrounds for a time.

    Your niece will love them.