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C-Note build with veneered box

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  • C-Note build with veneered box

    I recently finished a pair of C-Notes and I'm proud of the way they turned out so I thought I'd share. I veneered the boxes with unbacked etimoe from and used Heatlock glue to attach it. Big thanks to Tom Zarbo - I learned at lot from his videos on youtube and that gave me some confidence to get into veneer. I first posted this on Reddit so most of my pictures are in a build album that I hope I attached to the post, but otherwise I'll post some of the pictures here.
    Post with 140 views. C Note Build

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    They came out beautiful! The veneer is gorgeous. I'd have loved it if my first veneer job came out that well.

    Zarbo Audio Projects Youtube Channel: * 320-641 Amp Review Youtube: *Veneering curves, seams, using heat-lock iron on method *Trimming veneer & tips *Curved Sides glue-up video
    *Part 2 *Gluing multiple curved laminations of HDF


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      Kudos, beautiful job!
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        VERY nice photo-essay.
        Sharp pics, and very informative captions. A joy to read (and great looking speakers).


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          Nice job, nice documentation.


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            Great build. Beautiful.

            Looking at veneering our first set of C-Notes today as well. Actually, already took notes from your build log over at Reddit before ordering my veneer. I have some Mappa Burl from which has been flattened and is ready to work with (bargain bin pieces). I will get pics as it comes together.


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              Thanks for the feedback everyone! This was a really fun project and I'm still enjoying them.