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Another C-Note Build - W/ DIY Speaker Stands

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  • Another C-Note Build - W/ DIY Speaker Stands

    Built this set for my Dads Shop, and our first learning experience with veneering. We did our cuts with a flush mount router bit which worked great. They aren't perfect, but for a first go at veneering we both were very happy.

    The build for the C-Notes was straight forward. Used a textured Rustoleum Paint for the Front, bottom, and back, and Mappa Burl Veneer raw (bargain bin from - will shop there again). This kit is a great value for the $$.

    The Speaker Stand is Birch Plywood and Edged with Cherry hardwood Harvested from my Dad's Property. 1.5" Iron Pipes (36" high) and Flanges for attachment. I am building a matching Entertainment center which is nearly finished. Stand base is 19" x 13", top is 13" x 10" . Could easily rebuild and change dimensions or sizes. If I build MTM's for the stands, I could shrink the Pipe height to 24". Finally, a sturdy speaker stand!

    Waiting on my pair of C-Notes to sit on the stands, so for now they can hold his shop speakers. Sorry for the crappy pictures, I am between real cameras right now.

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    Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous!
    Could you provide some listening impressions, please?


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      Thanks, I was happy with the finish for my first veneering.

      Listening Impressions:

      Stunningly good sound from a speaker this affordable, there's nothing that touches this any where near the price range (talking new stuff - not craigslist digging). They sound "big", they go low and have the presence of a much bigger speaker. Close your eyes and listen, and when you open them and realize it's just these 2 speakers without a sub - you tend to smile. They fill a small to mid-size room with great sound and will have you re-listening to your music and enjoying it all over again. This is my second set, built one for my brother and 1 for my Dad as gifts. I have one on back order which I ordered for myself as soon as I heard the first set in good listening conditions. I would say that their only drawback, which is to be expected, is that they don't get to ear splitting SPL levels. They play loud and clean with 60 WPC pushed to them and do not seem to distort or become unpleasant at high volume. I love my overnight sensations, but these are a better value at the deep discount they are on, they are a fair amount larger however. If you find yourself needing something that is flat, accurate, and will play great at reasonable listening levels, this is an absolute steal. If you need to have very high SPL, look elsewhere.

      I like the look of a speaker on stands so I want to get myself a set of these for either my rear speakers on my main setup, or for a separate Music Setup. When I get my pair, I will test them as mains for my Main TV Setup. Currently I have Polk Monitor 70's - which are perfectly fine but I am itching to replace with something DIY. I'll need something significant to upgrade from the Polks for HT uses - however I am leaning toward the Amiga or Solstice. I can always do a good bookshelf speaker for the front since I have stands and basically everything to make another pair if needed.