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In-floor subwoofers - 8x8" drivers each, highest WAF factor

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    You can definitely feel the air flow coming out of the vents. I placed the tower speakers so they stay on top of the vent covers otherwise the covers would rattle.

    I measured the THD with the vent covers in place. Surprisingly the pressure drop around the vents did not create significant distortion.

    No chaffing sound is coming from the vent covers for those test levels.

    I did not measure the excursion of the drivers but it seemed around 0.8 Xmax. The subs are capable of around 6-8dB more before hitting the Xmech. The sound quality remains almost the same until it hits the Xmech.

    The main strengths of that system are:

    1. VERY VERY LOW THD - around 1% from 8Hz - 37Hz.

    2. The subs are totally out of view and wife really happy about that.

    OMG, I still can't believe those numbers given whatever the average mass market subs THD measurements are (10% and up).

    I did the readings few times over just to make sure. Than I pulled out the RatShack meter and its SPL reading was +/-1dB from the REW readings - so the UMIC was OK.

    The bass sound is Clean and Detailed - no matter if the music is playing at 100dB or 70dB - you can always hear the bass standing out especially when the sub sound starts/stops.

    It sounds effortless, quick, clean, with authority, no lingering after the sound is gone.

    When they don't make what you need - DIY;
    Listening Position - Standing, 20 feet back


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      Yeah baby!


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        Great idea! I would have not thought to hide the subs in such a fashion. Design and install while the house is under construction, very smart planning, and execution. I have a 4ft. crawl space under 100 yr. old house, its do-able in my situation also! I am thinking more in the way of 4 x 12" woofers rather than the 8 per. Koodoos to you!


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          What is the wiring config on these? I saw an interesting video of a bloke who did a similar thing though he wired the opposing woofers out of phase, is that what you've done here?


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            What you saw couldn't have been configured like THIS. If they were oop there'd be no bass.