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    No pictures as of yet. Need the weather to get nicer so I can begin my build. So while I sit and wait I have ordered the beginnings. This is a complete budget floor standing tower set.

    A while back when I was still young I found a set of Theatre Research towers on the curb. I stopped and checked them out and they didn't seem that cheap. The boxes were heavy as hell. So I brought them home and opened them up. It was at this point I realized they were garbage. So I gutted everything except the 10" side firing woofer, and the bi-amp terminal plate. I had a set of Athena AS-B1 bookshelf speakers that fell pray to moisture damage. So I had a set of tweeters, 2 way crossover and just needed 4 midbass drivers and a low pass filter for woofer.

    I ordered 4 of the 5.99 6.5" woofers and low pass filter, hooked it all up, using black RTV to seal the midbass and tweeters up and gave it a go. What I got blew my mind! These sounded a million times better then I ever imagined.

    So fast forward about 5 years. I wanna build a set of speakers that are furniture grade, on a budget. So I started with 4 more of these amazing little woofers.
    Got 2 DC25T tweets and now have to decide what I should do. My original budget put me at about 300 total. But I want to go more elaborate.

    So what I am thinking is a 4 way bi amp speaker. Or a simpler 2 way MTM. Or maybe a simple 3way tower.
    If I go MTM, I am ready to go with $55 dolors of hardware. If I go 3 way, I need a dome midrange. Plain and simple. Same with a 4 way. Here is why I want a dome mid.

    Even though similar in construction to a dome tweeter, crossed over right, they actually sound better then cones with phase plugs. My first set of speakers I ever built were all RadioShack components. A horn tweeter with a soft dome mid-range paired to a set of 12" woofers, run through a RadioShack 3 way selectable crossover. Crossed at 1500/7000. These still rock out at my shop. When I listen to music I can tell you 1 thing. These mids never get out of control. They keep their dynamic range over their rated input of 15W RMS. Oh, and when something that was mixed perfectly comes on, Pink Floyd; the Division Bell, Dream Theatre; Awake, Peter Gabrielle; US or any DMB, the off axis response is noticeably off the charts. Oh and hit the sweet spot... I'm in heaven!
    the music is up front and presence crosses over with the tweeter for a brilliance that's unmatched by anything I have ever heard before.

    Ok I'm sold. 4 way towers it is!
    So as soon as winter let's up, I will start uploading pictures and where it ultimately ended up. This will be a great build that will allow me to finally use the 5 1/4" woofer from the old set of Athena's I had always wanted to use.


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    Originally posted by BrianL

    Wow this is awesome. I am stealing the same idea and doing the same.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Weird, this post has a link at the bottom that is only visible, to me anyway,. when I'm not logged in. I assume it's spam. Computer experts comment?


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      That's his signature. I only see them when not logged in. Regardless, I won't be clicking his....
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        Duh. Thought I was Sherlock Holmes.