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  • Klipsch horns

    So I got a pair of vintage Klipsch horn speakers and the veneer has chipped away in a couple of spots. I was thinking about using some body filler to fill in chips sand all the veneer smooth then paint the veneer a glossy white color. I feel like they would look really good glossy white with the big black cloth grills. Is anyone opposed to this idea? I'm sure someone is. But if I have to fix them I think they will look better with a modern twist. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

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    Well, if you are looking for dissenting opinions, I will provide mine ;-)
    I, for one, think real wood (veneer or solid) is almost always more attractive than paint. If it is attractive in the veneer but has chipping, i would look to re-veneer if that is an option for you.
    Fill in the gaps like you mention then sand the finish off and smooth it all and re-veneer with a good looking veneer.
    Just my opinion.


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      Klipschorns are (as you know) massive boxes. You have to think carefully about what something that size is going to look like. A bookshelf speaker in white might be fine as an accent piece, but a pair of white coffins in the corners or your listening area may not look as good as you had imagined once you've got them in place. These things qualify as furniture, so I'd keep them in wood, almost regardless of their cosmetic condition.


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        Don’t paint them white. I will not like it I’ve seen it done and they always look like crap. And I’ve seen them done by professional painters You’re only limited by your knowledge and persistence to expand your knowledge and to achieve what you want in getting the satisfaction that you made it


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          Paint them. Foam roller, but instead of white I would go off white or creme.