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    Originally posted by Scarface1 View Post

    Yes I will, but I see that I wrote nd91-4 but it must be nd91-8...i will do it this week if I can find a program where i can draw a crossover layout( otherwise I have to draw it myself on paper ).
    Sure. Or just take a good close up pic of the crossover and we can figure it out.


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      Originally posted by ceiol View Post

      Sure. Or just take a good close up pic of the crossover and we can figure it out.
      Haha I already finished the box, I'm painting it now. I have a crossover layout but it's not what I usually see...( i draw it wrong so it's edited like how it should be..)

      It have BSC and is crossed over at around 2500 hz!
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        that 1 ohm resistor parallel to the tweeter is going to get hot, right?

        also, the zobel has a 20 ohm resistor? seems higher than I'm used to seeing

        I'm no expert, Chris Roemer -- input here?


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          Well, the tweeter's attenuated about -16dB, and the HP filter dumps most power below about 3kHz.
          From there, the series resistor takes about 5/6ths of the voltage drop (to the L-pad / tweeter).
          About all you can say (w/out running a power sim) is that the 1n resistor DOES use more power than the tweeter (but I don't think twice as much).

          Also, I begin a "Zobel" model making the woofer's z-rise "flat" (about 10uF + 10n does a pretty good job), but then meddle w/it to adj. the Fc and woofer's rolloff knee.
          Lastly, I'll try turning it OFF in a sim (by making the 20n resistor more like 200n) to see if I need it or not.
          On this low pass, it makes the rolloff curve a LOT nicer (for <$2).


          • ceiol
            ceiol commented
            Editing a comment
            thank you -- interesting and good learning for me

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          Closed box, first layer of paint (in U.S.->primer?) , sanded and second layer of's the same colour as the subwoofer but it seemed it's not...
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            The satellites where to white but can't find the colour the sub have. I have now find a colour what matches it a bit. All the sides of the satellites are done except the front baffle so put some tape and going to paint it.
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