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Carmody Speedster, found face

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  • Carmody Speedster, found face

    **I'll keep this post edited for the full project***

    Needed something to differentiate this one from other Speedsters. I got the front part from a wood friend down the street: "found face." Five out of the six sides of these Speedsters will be MDF 3/4in, the face will be maple I think. Something nice.

    Buy list from

    Click image for larger version  Name:	parts express buy list.gif Views:	0 Size:	35.6 KB ID:	1424812
    TOTAL ABOVE from parts-express: $213.33

    plus: 2x 0.35mH 19AWG air core inductor from madisound $8.20 + s/h
    buy list does not include tweeters.

    sketchup* box. Tried out some rabbets with a router and edge guide.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	speedster 3-4 mdf.jpg Views:	0 Size:	61.4 KB ID:	1424813
    I left inside diameters as listed. Both the face, and the back will be flush mounted, keeping the full 8in of inside height.
    5in x 9in x 8in = 360 in cu = 5.9L. This is a bit bigger than the specified 5.5L.

    Used some nice oil high gloss paint that turned out great.

    Needed a bit of caulk in there to seal up the port. I didn't quite have the right size hole saw

    Routering out the drivers on the face. 3/4in walnut

    I never pass up an opportunity for 8 layers of Epiphanes marine varnish!

    built up the cross-overs. Not too beautiful, but went well together, and needed to fit in this little teeny box.

    The insulation in there. There was also some poly-fill beside the mattress topper.

    I was/am pretty proud of these little guys! I found a dude on etsy who did this nameplates for them. $9 for two of them! Not bad.

    The finished speakers in their home.

    speedster design, Paul Carmody
    *sketchup skp file (google drive)
    another Speedster thread where I was yacking
    help posts: Jeff F., "@a4audio", Chris Roemer
    DIY audio projects by Paul Carmody (Undefinition)
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