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Bluetooth + WiFi + Battery?

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    I'm not saying it can't be done but, I think there are far more efficient battery amp combinations then the one you've mentioned. The batteries put out DC voltage and the plate amp requires ac voltage so that may not be the best match for portability. Just looking through the forums at speaker projects and looking at the gallery in parts Express web page there's hundreds of ideas for amp and Battery combinations. Some are complicated but there are plenty of simple scenarios that could easily be duplicated that provide plenty of power for outdoor listening. Best of luck.

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  • bryceman
    started a topic Bluetooth + WiFi + Battery?

    Bluetooth + WiFi + Battery?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking to start a project for a portable Bluetooth/Wifi speaker for home (WiFi) and camping (Bluetooth). When looking through amp options, all I can come up with is using the WF60PA plate amp, and trying to add the LBB-3 battery back up. Has anyone attempted this? My Google-fu is lacking on finding anything with the search function this morning.
    Thanks in advance,