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    OK, it's not a speaker but it is a project, update a Classdaudio amp from 2 to 4 channel.


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      Better? Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0007.JPG
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        Hopefully all I'll have to do to fit the second board in is move the toroid over, and drill and mount more RCA and banana jacks. Should be a short thread, with a pause waiting for parts.

        Seems like I don't have any control over pic size.


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          What amp board is that. That is also monster toroid!


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            The components are a kit from It is a CDA258 kit. Lots of watts. The company has newer SDS boards but they still make these boards. They were popular years ago. The large toroid and power supply can handle two boards for 4 channels or 2 bridged channels. I have read mostly good reviews and one really bad one, of their SDS based products.

            This is a cheap route to a 4 channel amp for my LXminis. I ordered one CDA500 amp board from classd and some connectors from PE. The case is Par Metal (now Pi Metal) ebay store sourced.

            classdaudio products are made in USA.

            Audiocircle had a big thread when they first came out. I have used this and one other classd amp for years. I find their sound quite acceptable. They have been trouble free.


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              Merry Christmas to me. Waiting on the amp board. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0010.JPG
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                Lights, no smoke. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0001.JPG
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                  Nice clean build. That huge toroid looks like it was begging for more work to do. Channels 3 and 4 should do it.
                  Ever since I built my Leach amp back in the late 70's I have been wanting to try another amp build. Maybe this will give me some inspiration.


                  The PEDS 2.1 mini system
                  My A7 Project - another small desktop speaker
                  The B3 Hybrid Dipole - thread incomplete and outdated


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                    Looking good! Nice work.
                    My Builds - Vigor (Nola Brio Knockoff) - Overnight Sensations w/ Voxel - Speedsters in surplus boxes - Zaph B3N's in bamboo - Classix II in BR-1 cabinets - Dual TPA3116 D2 amp in an old music box - Mariposas


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                      Thanks all.

                      I'll update this when my Nobsound preamp shows up and I connect to my LXminis.


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                        Ordered 12/14, arrived today 1/27. No longer available on Amazon, either so good it sold out immediately or so bad it's discontinued. I'll get this hooked
                        up in a day or two.
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                          Luddite streams audio.

                          The new preamp with BT and RCA inputs works fine. The remote is generic anonymous with many useless buttons, but it does control all preamp functions, turns off output, actual on/off is a toggle switch on unit.

                          This works for me with a CD player RCA and android tablet BT nput, RCA output to minidsp for LXminis. This preamp and the 4 channel classdaudio amp replace a HK receiver and chip amp. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0017.JPG
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