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    I remade my brother's old Tritrix speakers I made him years back—they used to be 3/4 oak plywood and 3/4 oak baffle. The baffle had warped due to a cross country trip to CO and started to pull away from the enclosure, leaking.

    I remade the speakers using the same components and a new 3/4 MDF enclosure with a 4/4 English walnut baffle. We have a laser engraver at work so I put that to use and made some nameplates. Simple bindings in the back under the ports, and I made a nice set of speaker cables with banana plugs on them to top it off.

    I hate painting MDF—I can never get it sealed fully so the finish is consistent. I also need to mount my router into a table because I had a few burns and snags. All in all, they came out great and I'm happy with them.

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    Really nice job, especially the flush mounting on hardwood!



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      Love the Walnut! Nice work!
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        They look great!! Nice work!