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Slightly off topic: Crossover parts organization

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  • Slightly off topic: Crossover parts organization

    Very simple shop cabinet using recycled and reclaimed material save the casters. drawers are 20w x 5.5d x 14w. I used 1x6 and 3/4 ply for the drawers and 1/2 ply for the bottom. 2x4s were ripped for the drawer slides and treated with paste wax. Top is a section of laminate countertop. Dividers were cut from 1/4 paneling.

    The cable wall is still a work in process and I may add in an inductor winding station as well. To the right is soldering station and to the left are a pr of 4ft w x 6ft tall shelves for spare drivers.

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      Very nice! I see you have a substantial collection like I do. Mine not so well organized though.
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        I love seeing posts like this. Makes me feel not so bad about my collection of drivers/xo parts

        I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.