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    Hello all. I want to build a pair floor standing speakers for my 2ch room. I want my speaker to have a really good mid-range presence. Power isn't an issue since I'm running a powerful amp. I like a warm forward sounding speaker. I was looking at the DM-4 active speaker (I would make it passive) or the Grand Supreme. I found those builds here but not sure what they sound like. So I guess I'm asking for something that people know of and have experienced.

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    It's my design so some other opinions might help, but it seems that warm, forward-sounding floor standing speaker with really good mid-range presence sounds a lot like Indium 7. The Grand Supremes are obviously in a much different price bracket, though. Pete Schumacher's Byzantium sounds great and the scanspeak mid would give some of the right properties. The Statement variants would also be options to look into.
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      Thanks Scott. I'm starting my research on these today. I'll let you know what I come up with...


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        Not sure of your budget, but I built a pair of Curt Campbell's "Slapshot" MTMs with RS180P woofers and Morel CAT 378 tweeters in a MLTL floor standing cabinet which Curt also designed. I wouldn't say they're 'forward' as they're too well-balanced for that, but the midrange - if that's your main concern - is terrific. Then again, highs and bass are also excellent.

        The quality of the mid range is apparent when comparing them to our other speakers, female vocal and jazz in particular are reproduced beautifully.

        We've had them as our main stereo speakers for a few years now and are really, really happy with them.

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          Inquiries will be better answered in the TechTalk forum, as this is mainly for finished designs.
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