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Swope 3-Way Towers veneered in sapele

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  • Swope 3-Way Towers veneered in sapele

    Hello all, I wanted to share my most recent build: the swope towers designed by Paul Carmody. The baffle is veneered with a figured sapele and the rest is in quartersawn figured sapele, both from I used the 'N' series of HiVi drivers, which per Paul are a drop-in replacement for the A series available when these were designed. I also opted to go for the ND28F rather than the SB29RDC. Part of the reason is cost, part is because I didn't want something SO revealing as to show the flaws in my 100% streamed music. One day I may upgrade - the difference is merely a resistor I believe.

    I had wanted tower speakers for my living room for a while, and my search brought me to these towers. I've built and enjoyed the Overnight Sensations and from that suspect that I would enjoy anything that Paul designed. As I was thinking about what to build, Keith Etheredge showcased the Defiants with their lovely faceted baffles and I have shamelessly lifted that idea and done my best to recreate it here. The build album is somewhat sparse compared to the amount of work it took to make these, but it does show in broad strokes the whole process. The overall goal for my build was to create something that not only sounds great but also had a good form. Since the speakers are so large, I wanted them to be a statement piece that adds to the room's vibe.

    The MDF cabinet was straightforward with adequate bracing. For the baffle I again took inspiration from Keith and tried to copy his jig for cutting compound miters. It is not as precise but it did the job well. This is my first time using terminal strips on my XO and I am a convert. It added a significant cost to the project but the time savings was great, not to mention how clean it looks vs. all the solder joints. The veneer was applied with heatlock. I did have some bubbling happen which I attribute to being too sparing in my glue application. It was a pain but the defects can't be noticed now that they're in place.

    I'm happy with the end result for sure! They have an incredible sound, much more clear than the Dayton III's you see next to them. If I didn't already have subs I would not be inclined to build more, though I always appreciate a little more thump for pop and electronic music.

    Many thanks to the users here on TechTalk - even though I don't post much I really enjoy the discussion and the wisdom you so freely share.
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    Love the veneer


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      Both species you used are beautiful. Well executed!


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        Very nice!
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          Nice work. The overall look is classy.
          The facets look real good too. I've never done them before, but I like them every time I see them done well.

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            Yes those look great. Nice work.


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              I don't see the pictures Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk


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                Those drivers and veneer are a match made in heaven! Beautiful speakers!