Hi, just wanted to post another DIY heavy-duty Speakon Bi-Amp(Y) cables build thread, using the standard low cost SJT type cable, and budget Speakon connectors.

I always build my own cables but I've also seen a moderate price increase on the Speakon cables lately, and most of them are using thin wires such as 18 or 16 AWG(CCAW) with budget Speakon connectors termination.

Also while 18 or even 16 AWG is ok for most users, this thread is based on my preference, which is is for a bare minimum of 14AWG for main speakers and 12AWG for subwoofers, but not mandatory.

That said, this is a quick how-to on how to make heavy-duty Speakon cables using standard SJT type cable commonly found in hardware stores, and budget Speakon connectors of eBay to save some bucks.

Also note that following electrical color code is always the best but not always mandatory.

Build notes on the specific items I've used:

Cables used:
Condumex: E55122-7 SJT 14AWG 4/C
Condumex: E55122-7 SJT 14AWG 2/C

Cable polarity layout for the Speakon speaker termination*:
High Pass:
Green = [+]
Withe = [-]

Low Pass:
Red = [+]
Black = [-]

Cable polarity layout for the Speakon Amp termination*:
Withe = [+]
Black = [-]

Speakon connectors used:
Generic 4 Pole Speakon NL4FC

*I've always follow electrical color codes, but since the cables had this arrangement already, I've used the Green for positive instead the Withe for the High Pass, this was on purpose to avoid a cable twist which complicates the connector assembly with heavy gauge wires, unfortunately the other way around will invert the Red and the Black ones instead so even less optimal.

Full build process can be found HERE

Build screenshots:

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The total cost of the above pair of 10' Speakon Bi-Amp(Y) cables was under $25 USD.

P.S. I've also created another Speakon cable of 20' for a 18" subwoofer with the same "SJT 14AWG 4/C", just twist/paired together the Red+Withe and Black+Green to form a 2 conductor Speakon cable, both 14AWG wires in parallel form about an ~10AWG conductor equivalent.