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    Well, it's not as impressive as UglyWoofer's "minion" project the "Stuart and Carls" (check it out if you haven't seen it, fun and impressive!) but I thought I would share this fun project I did with my son. He said he wanted to build "lego block" speakers - his idea so "OK". He designed and 3D printed the top "pegs" himself and we glued them on. I had parts for Leroy R's Minions so those were the design. Easy peasy full range with no crossovers. Rattlecan spraypaint and block speakers

    For the first test track I asked my son what songs he wanted to play, first up was Cherry Bomb by the Runaways (he loves Guardians of the Galaxy) followed by Supertramp's Logical Song...he's proud...

    Click image for larger version

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    Very cool. Another up-and-coming DIYer for sure.


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      Very cool and good song choices, too!


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        Nice, it's great that your son had some input into the look. I bet he remembers that for decades! Awesome that he could get the round 'nubs' printed out and looking so good. I can't do that!

        Reminds me of Wolf's Rubyk's speakers. I tried to search for them but they didn't come up for some reason. Google must be broken.

        Found them. Ben, hope you don't mind me downloading and uploading your Rubyk's speakers pic.
        On an unrelated topic... Consarnit Photobucket! :(

        Click image for larger version

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          Those Rubyks are cool! What a great idea!


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            We're good, Tom!
            Here's an unaltered photo....

            Click image for larger version

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            I built those back in 2007, or just before. The HiVi A3N was a perfect match for the PR alignment. I used a cutout and tape to spray the 'solved' channel, and individually painted the squares on the other one. I bought a cube to mix up and find a pattern I liked. I really liked the mids from that styrene cone. I wish there was another manufacturer that used it as I'd use more of it.

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              Yep, those Rubyks are great. Both my daughter's and a niece still use them with Wolf's Triumph and Biumph subs.
              Tom, i had the same thought when I saw the Legos part.