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    There was sort of an obsession with this one as i was a bit fed up with family members showing off their Bose soundlink mini's at family gatherings and me wanting to see how i would go making something so small.

    This was a DIY project made out of one piece of 1.2m 8mm Pine from the hardware store, 2 1.5inch speakers, class d amp, cheap passive membranes and some left over spray paint canisters from another project. Presenting the Micro Boombox using Dayton Audio ND65-4 drivers. Powered by a Tinysine 2ch Class D amp circuit. the divider was 3d printed to save internal volume around 5mm thick in a Z shape Enclosures are tiny only being 0.01cuft each, tuned to 90hz (f3 76hz), sounds pretty decent for 1.5 inch speakers.

    (initial ideas and mindset

    The design parameters was to create something small but still have bass to enjoy a bit of a chunky beat every now and then, i would have preferred more at the lower end, but when you think about the size i can live with the outcome.

    This was meant to be battery powered, but due to its size just cant fit it in currently, so now its running of a 12v DC pack. Appologies, filmed on a Google Pixel 2 XL, with a broken screen and who knows what else is wrong with it.

    If i was to do it again, i would probably avoid getting passive radiators from china as im not sure they do anything, but i did seal the box really well buy supergluing some rubber on the back, downside is now the rear panel sits a few mm's off, but hey, im using think wood so cant really router anything here. If i decide to do a second take on this ill be using ports.

    Drivers used Visaton BF37


    Amp used was a Tinysine 2x8 watt BT TSA2110A model, which has tactile buttons on the board itself, i do have two of these so will be using with the Tectonic TEBM35 BMR drivers in an upcoming project.

    I've uploaded some youtube videos for sound, forgive the music, i was trying to find copyright free, both are full volume, with the second run through PowerAMP and using an EQ. I will look at doing a better test and not in a dark and dingy garage at 9pm at night....

    First Soundtest -

    Second Soundtest -
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    Not bad! There is some semblance of bass there. I wasn't expecting it to sound that 'full' but it really does not sound bad at all! I play copywrite protected music (apparently) in my videos often and I've never had an issue other than a copywrite 'hit' which doesn't really mean anything other than they will take the fees if you try to monetize the video. None of mine are monetized, so it's not an issue for me. Like you're saying, it's hard to tell how good something sounds when you're not famililar with the tune is what I'm long-windedly trying to get at. It was cool hearing it come alive.. and nice name!

    Anyway, nice job finishing that. The little Tinysine amp seems well suited to the setup and delivers enough power it sounds like. I like it... you're encouraged me to finish mine. I hope it turns out sounding as well as yours. Well done!

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      That's adorable! Kudos on the name as well. I am impressed with what you've gotten out of those tiny things.

      Like Tom, this has inspired me to get hopping on my next build.


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        Another video

        There isn't much to this build so haven't really done the photos as the video paints the picture. This thing is small and there is a photo of it next to my last build (previous smallest build) just to show a comparison.

        I filmed a few different tracks trying to find something bass heavy and was standing about 1.5 to 2m back and was in a large open room that was about 6x6m. Not really what I like but still good enough to see when they would fail. I'm a bit frustrated I could not a) fit.the batteries.and b) get the charging working, but hey maybe next time.

        I really would like to finish the massive passive build, but as I super glued the drivers in and one has crapped out, I think that may get put in the too hard basket.

        Anyway as there is a brief description and the other problem solving thread it's probably best ask if there is anything you'd like to ask as I'm already thinking of the next build with the TEBM35'S
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          Just a follow-up as like most I'm still working the majority of the week at home, so positioned it under my tv/monitor and been giving it a workout.

          Seems to be performing quite well, I'm really quite impressed at how these little things hold up, whilst it won't win any sound off competitions, at a decent volume it is more than enough to use at a BBQ or at the desk. I just wish I worked out the 3S BMS charging to have this portable.....
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