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Help with small subwoofer < 100W

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  • Help with small subwoofer < 100W

    I am finally coming around to replacing the exaggerated subwoofer I built for my modernized radio console project,

    My first attempt was a sealed Dayton Audio UM8-22 pushed by a Yung SD300-6 300W. It would shake the cabinet because it was coupled but also the house. It overpowered the TriTrix MTM TL powered by a 100W amp. I was thinking about staying between 50-100W for the new subwoofer. The cabinet needs a subwoofer as it really sounds hallow and I hear no lows. I was thinking about two options but I I wonder if I am off here.

    First is using the Dayton Audio SA70 70W plate amplifier (45 watts RMS into 8 ohms @ 0.1% THD • 70 watts RMS into 4 ohms @ 0.2% THD ) pushing a Wavecore SW146WA01 (4ohm 55 RMS) or the SW118WA02 (8ohm 40W RMS).

    The second option is the Dayton Audio SA100 100W plate amplifier (75 watts RMS into 8 ohms @ 0.1% THD, 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms @ 0.2% THD) using SW146WA02 (8 ohms 55 RMS) or Wavecore SW146WA01 (4ohm 55 RMS).

    An option 2b would be SA100 with slightly higher power like the DCS165-4 and SW168WA01 both at 100W RMS at 4 ohms. My issue with these are larger sealed or vented enclosures and I feel I’m inching toward having the same problem I had with the 300W subwoofer. I want to keep the enclosure inside the console. I will isolate with rubber pads as suggested in the original thread. The sealed or vented enclosure for both SW118WA02 and SW118WA01 make impossible to install the plate amplifier in the same box. at least i think so.

    Hit me. What am I missing?

    Secondary question. what is preferable, 4 ohms or 8 ohms?

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    Why not start by getting rid of the +6dB of bass boost (or a diff. amp)?
    Pretty sure that's the crux of your problem.

    Why the expen$ive Wavecors (mated to some Tritrix?)? Can you get them for free?


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      +6dB took me by surprise but i went back and read on the Yung plate. i forgot about that +6dB. How do i get rid of it? even at the first notch the bass overwhelms the TrixTrix.

      I gravitated towards wavecore because of size. they seem to have compact drives all around. the other options below 8" need big boxes or just seem like strange shape subs; flat panel, square, etc. I really want to stay within the confines of the console for esthetics. the 8'' sub i bought before even though big and powerful needs a small sealed box so it worked.

      I had not realized wavecore and the dayton audio drives that came with the trixtrix kit were in different price realms. looking at the drives individually i guess that makes sense. the console is my first build and i wanted to stay cheap and the kit served me well. i am keeping the console for myself so i want to make it as best as i can. i am willing to upgrade to equal quality. The amp pushing the trixtrix is a NAD C328. i am not an audiofile by any means but I want the console to sound great at low volume. any recommendations in replacing the trixtrix i'll take. thanks,


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        An amp with the 6 db boost is commonly used with a sealed subwoofer. An amp without boost commonly used with a vented sub. . What is yours? As to the issue you are having, it sounds like just an unbalance in the levels of the Tritrix speakers and the sub. Should be an easy fix.


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          it is sealed. even in the first notch it overpowers the speakers. The amp puts out continuous 100W stereo (50W per side rms, right) at 8ohms which is what the tritrix kit brings. I don't want to change the integrate DAC amp. I'll happily upgrade the speakers and sub. I can use the tritrix for something else.

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            If you're still using the Yamaha R-S300, it has very little bass management. According to the manual, the sub out attenuates frequencies over 90hz. No volume control for sub out, and a skim of the manual says nothing about the main L/R output, so I assume they run full range.

            IMHO, you need better bass management, that divides the frequencies between the sub and main L/R channels, and allows independent volume control. Or, a sub plate amp that has a better volume control that can smoothly approach zero output. Going on about watts for the sub or the mains, or switching drivers trying to get less or more volume just won't get to the problem.



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              Or, something like this in between the receiver and sub. I looked for a bit for a mono unit, they're all stereo AFAIK. Use one side. All sorts available down to 8 dollars. This one has a nice Alps pot. PE, I looked for this on your site first.