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Isolation Build - Baronettes

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  • Isolation Build - Baronettes

    At long last - these have been my 'next build' for quite some time now. I checked my messages and I first asked Dan about this two years ago. Yeesh. I guess the world being in semi-shutdown was just the push I needed. Originally my plan was to build a tower version, as Javad did. But I looked over the space they were likely to be used in and decided that was not the right size. I did decide to make the baffles removable and hopefully reusable if I ever do redesign these as towers.

    The baffles are oak middle with walnut on either side. The choice of wood was just what was in stock at the lumber yard that I did not need to cut to width. I did find some nice grain on the walnut that really popped when finished. The enclosures are 3/4 birch ply, but I decided to try a different paint which I'm ... mostly happy with. It did not roll on as well as I'd hoped so may get a refinish at some point. More likely I will just stop noticing after I move onto some other project. There are a few imperfections since my woodworking skills are only satisfactory, but overall I'm pleased.

    The sound is great, as expected. I have only made 'budget' speakers up to this point, so this is my first go with more expensive drivers. I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with these. Thanks to Dan for a phenomenal design.

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    Dayton (tweeter)?
    HiVi (woofer)?
    Or morel ??

    Lookin' sharp!


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      Thanks Chris! It's a Morel tweeter and Dynavox on the low.

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    That is a good sounding design- you made a nice choice! They look great as well!
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      Those look nice.
      I'm not usually a big fan of the 'removable baffle' treatment but those six screws blend into the dark wood to the point of nearly disappearing. Nicely done!

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        Thanks guys!

        Yeah, I fee l similarly Tom. This is the first time I've gone with the removable baffle and I have to say I'm pretty pleased. One of the things I did right!


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          I love my Baronettes, great job! And thanks again DanP for this design.


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            Those look great - well done!
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              Appreciate the kind words guys.

              Dan, I really appreciate you and others on this forum being so generous with your knowledge. If you weren't, I would be unable to make anything other than a box with a woofer and tweeter drawn on it with a crayon.