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Ion 4 Plus and I ran out of veneer...

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  • Ion 4 Plus and I ran out of veneer...

    just love the sound of Pete Schumacher's Ion 4 Plus for near field listening (on my computer desk).

    started with some sapele veneer but then realized that I was a bit short for the last panel -- the front. So I used some leftover blue dyed veneer... and it looks much better than I would have figured.

    Installed a lepai bluetooth plate amp which also has an input for a 3.5mm plug from the computer output. The control panel on the front makes it easy to swap inputs. And I swapped out the low budget speaker connectors from the lepai amp for some nicer looking posts.

    Gotta give it to Pete on this one -- I can listen to it for hours. Combo of the Dayton RS100-4 and the Wavecor TW013WA01 tweeter crossed at 5kHz. And enough bass (reinforced by being on my desk) that I don't need a subwoofer for low level listening.

    highly recommend!

    Click image for larger version

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      Beautiful job ceiol. I've been curious about these for awhile. Wonder how they stack up against the s2000?


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        I have made both the s2000 speakers and the ion 4 plus. They are different.

        better bass w s2000. Better imaging and smoothness with the ion 4 plus. For nearfield use on a desk or for a computer, definitely the ion 4 plus. For music to fill a small room or to use for TV, the s2000 speakers