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Boombox Sprite-battery + bluetooth

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  • Boombox Sprite-battery + bluetooth

    Lots of time at home lately due to the pandemic, so I made it a goal to make a boombox with parts I had on hand. Had to partially disassemble one speaker but got this out of it!

    used the portable 30 watt bluetooth kit (model 300-7300) and Carmody Sprite design since I had the speaker and filter parts.

    I don’t have a way to measure, but I highly doubt these speakers are getting 15w per channel. They don’t sound nearly as loud or with as much bass as other sprite builds I made with a plug in 15w amp. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it is portable and uses bluetooth. Maybe with another battery pack or the 60w version it will sound better
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    I'm pretty sure the lack of volume is from the weaker batteries compared to the higher-wattage PS. I think I read the smaller battery-pack can be enough to power a pair of 4ohm speakers to around 5watts each, and I'm pretty sure reviews also mentioned adding more battery packs in series is needed to increase the volume closer to full potential while parallel only increases the play-time.

    The wood/grain you used looks really nice, almost holographic (which is kind of strange to see in a picture...I'm betting it's even better in person).
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      Nice build, I like the wood with black parts.
      ​How does it sounds compared to mdf...