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  • Speedster Build

    I am underway with my Speedster build.

    Today we cut the panels and assembled the boxes. I haven’t quite figured out the plan for the baffles.

    The boxes are going to get wrapped in a Carbon Diber and Kevlar cloth and epoxied. The baffles will likely be a gloss black. We haven’t decided if we want to try to finish them with epoxy also.

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    Wow, red CF looks good.
    Looking forward to this build, Don.


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      Too much work and not enough project time.

      Took off early today and cut holes for ports, did round overs and experimented on a couple of panels with the carbon fiber/ Kevlar.

      we did one panel with no black paint behind the fiber. One with black paint behind the fiber. On those we did different thickness of the initial epoxy resin.

      The final panel we tried some fabric contact cement. It’s no good because it sticks and there is no repositioning.