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  • Helix Dome Build

    Hi All, I recently finished a Helix Dome build and thought I would post pictures and answer questions if anyone has any. Overall it was a very fun build and the speakers sound great. I don't have a lot to compare to but these are now my everyday speakers for Music and HT. I've built both OS and MTM OS in the past. These are better but they are not in the same price category either. The OS MTM is a great speaker at its price point. If you are considering the Helix, I would say everything you read regarding bass is correct. For music, you can get away without having a sub.

    I purchased everything from DIYSOUNDGROUP including the flat pack cabinets and circuit boards. I recommend the boards If you are not worried about signal loss.

    • Plain Walnut Veneer ( a 4X8 sheet was needed but there is enough left over for a 3rd speaker.
    • 3/4 round over on the vertical cabinet surface to allow for wrapping. (personal preference on looks)
    • The veneer was glued on using Hear-Lock and a glue roller. (very easy, just time consuming) (Also VeneerSupply)
    • I dyed the veneer after application.
      • Grain raised the veneer with water 2x, sanding back with 320 grit.
      • 1 tsp trans-tint dye (Reddish Brown) into 250ml water + 250ml denatured alcohol. (500ml of solution total)
      • Light final sanding with 320 to remove any nibs.
    • One coat of Watco danish oil, dry 3 days
    • 4 coats of Watco spray lacquer (satin)
    Let me know if there is any questions I can answer for you.

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        Good job. Those look real nice!


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          looks great! nice finishing with the dyed veneer