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my favorite 2.1 subwoofer / satellite system yet!

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  • my favorite 2.1 subwoofer / satellite system yet!

    I've built many 2.1 subwoofer / satellite speaker systems over the past few years. It's decor friendly since the satellites are small and the subwoofer can be tucked away somewhere unobtrusive.

    This system has satellites which consist of the Tang Band W3-1364SA bamboo cone drivers and the Peerless dual ring radiator tweeters XT25SC90-04 in sealed enclosures. Crossover is a 2nd order on the woofer and 3rd order on the tweeter.

    The subwoofer is a slot port design by 123Toid Altoid using the Tang Band W6-1139 woofer. Enclosures are MDF with veneer and the baffles are 3/4" solid walnut. Finish is Arm-R-seal gloss

    Click image for larger version

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    What did you end up powering the system with?


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    They look great. You are on a roll with all the projects you've completed recently.
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      Very nice build ceiol. I'd be curious about a ported version of those satellites.
      Last edited by Jake; 07-03-2020, 11:11 PM. Reason: On second thought xmax is only 0.5mm


      • ceiol
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        you could, but those mids have a 0.5 mm Xmax only. Ported modeling has them bottoming out quickly.
        sealed and stuffed looked much better on the models

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      Very attractive looking set up.
      I have the same amp, I really like it. What do you think of it as it applies to the 6.5" Tang Band sub?

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      • ceiol
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        I do mostly low level listening, so that amplifier is fine.

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      Very nice set. Would you please mind sharing your crossover diagram and satellite enclosure dimensions. Thanks very much in advance.


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        Great looking set!
        Could i get the sub build specs? I have a couple of those subs and would like to build something similar.
        I built a RJB Cerberus, but it chuffs too easily, so looking for a build with better port configuration.

        Thanks, Andy.


        • ceiol
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          it's about 0.4 cubic feet and the port is 1/2" tall by 7.5" wide, total port length of 17" or so. tuning is 37 Hz

          the Cerberus has a 1.5" diameter port = area of 1.76 square inches

          this slot port has an area of 3.75 sq inches = the area of a 2.2" diameter port

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        Awesome work! They look phenomenal. Is it your own crossover or a published design?