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    I've posted about these speakers a while ago (1+ years?) looking for guidance on driver replacements. They were given to me a while ago. Now I'm at the point that I'm thinking about a complete rebuild (thanks, Covid-19). The boxes are well constructed, 3.53 cu. ft inside volume. I'm cutting a new baffle for them. I originally was intrigued by the Klipsch Heresy design, the efficiency had me thinking I could experiment with tube amplifiers, and my listening volume level is typically fairly low to mid. But retro-fitting Klipsch (Crites) components is costly, so much so that I could buy a pair of Heresy 1 or 2's for cheaper. So I'm leaving that idea. Now I'm looking at a good 3-way system with up to a 14" woofer. The cabinets are sealed. They sound ok now (I'm leaving out what I now have them loaded with because I truly want to get feedback on a complete (3 drivers / crossover) without trying to compromise based on what I have). So, if you were given these cabinets, what would you fill them with? Bluesky exercise!Click image for larger version

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    Dimensions and budget?


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      18w x 24h x 16deep, I calculated 3.394 cu ft internal space. Budget? Ceiling of $1500, but obviously best bang for the buck. Thanks


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        Given your dims, the only way I get your cu.ft. is if your walls are 1/2" stuff. If so (given their large size), you'd need pretty good wall-to-wall bracing to keep the cabs quiet.


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          1/2" birch plywood (I think its birch). Very solidly built with internal bracing. I'm thinking the first thing I will do is seal off the woofer section from the mid/tweeter section and recalculate the interior volume for the woofer (bank of the napkin calculation is @2.36 cu ft for woofer section). There is already fiberglass insulation lining the interior.
          The more I research, the more I realize I may be heading for disaster if I don't really put some work in learning what I don't know regarding speaker design. I've looked for speaker / crossover design services but nothing really jumps out at me. I'm certainly willing to pay if someone wants to take this on (cabinet mod suggestions, recommended drivers or specs for drivers, crossover design). I realize my initial post was probably asking too much of the community. Thanks


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            These aren't really suggestions, more things to consider:

            If the internal volume is too large for the driver(s), you could try to install internal shelves to reduce the volume, if you can remove the baffle or the rear panel;

            the baffle width is 18", which I think will affect the amount and nature of Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) in the crossover, if you wanted to use an existing design.

            For example, here's a 3 way project which I haven't heard, of course, but might be the kind of thing to have a think about.


            It's a 3 way design with a 10" woofer and well within your budget. (So is Paul Carmody's "Tarkus", but its cabinet(s) are much taller than yours.)

            The GTS10 external dimensions are: 11.5" w, 20"h and 14" deep. So, as far as my extremely limited understanding of these things goes, the baffle step frequency of your cabinet will be different, so the crossover for the woofer will have to be tweaked.

            There's also this design, which I think a few people have built:


            It dimensions are: 15.375"w x 26.25"h x 13.5"d. So a little closer to your cabinet, but still different.

            Please note that I have no expertise in speaker design and I haven't heard either speaker: I'm basing these comments on reading various threads over time, etc.

            So please take with a bucket of salt...