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3d printed project.

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  • 3rutu5
    Upside is i used it all today whilst working from home and at normal levels it was pretty good. I should have mentioned that when i thought it was shouty and bass sounding weird i was being my normal silly-self and trying to have it play at full power without distortion which isnt really a reality.

    here is a link to the design process on the tech talk thread.

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  • 3rutu5
    started a topic 3d printed project.

    3d printed project.

    Watching a few unboxing videos of the Devialant Phantom and knowing i had a few failed projects with a Peerless Passive Radiator i decided to design my own version of this awesome looking bluetooth speaker. It really only slightly shares the concept of the shape as everything else is completely different.. This was a DIY project made using a Creality Ender 3 (3d printer) and about 60-70 hours of print time.

    I still do struggle a little to properly paint PLA and should of given it a little longer to cure as i did damage it a bit and it will need some touch up. The 0.045cuft enclosure is housing only one Peerless 830986 3" full range woofer and 2 Peerless 830878 3.5" passive radiators. I'm not the biggest fan of box tuning using passive radiators as it will generally model saying you need 4-6 of them in lieu of a port.

    The overall tuning for this ends up looking a bit funky on the graph, but gave a F6 of 70hz. For this sound test i havent used the Dayton Audio LBB battery board yet as i was waiting on some 18650 batteries to arrive, so ended up using a 12v power supply.

    Appologies, filmed on a Google Pixel 2 XL, with a broken screen and who knows what else is wrong with it.

    Parts List Drivers
    Passive Radiators
    Battery Board

    I really struggled with a few elements on this one and have learnt quite a bit in either 3d printing and passive radiators. I abandoned using the BSC completely as the bass sounded a bit funky, but after lining the internals it sounded a bit better. I might look into something to tame the higher frequncies as some music sounded a bit shouty, but it could also be the quality of the MP3. The amp itself did the job, although it would be interesting to see if using a dayton audio DTA-2 provided a better quality sound.
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