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CORONA: A Big Metamaterial Enclosure

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    Finally I got approved to post anything..
    Rory mentioned this enclosure design by Hegeman
    this was kindly shared over at Martin kings transmission line Facebook page.

    And mcargill, now that you tried rigid tubes, how about flexible?
    As long as the cross section of the tube is small compared to the wavelength, bends should not be so harmful to the transmission of sound thru it.
    And a rubber hose shouldn’t loose that much energy to vibrations and widens its Q.

    But if it works as it does in my mind, you should be able to wrap the different tubes in quite a narrow radius and save space.


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      And this paper might be useful to read:

      For their labyrinth they tried different geometry to get as narrow and high absorption peak as possible in the 100-200hz range.

      edit: found it for public access: