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  • Ontariomaximus project thread

    We have done a ton of speaker projects here in Windsor, Ontario and am going to use this thread to offer some details. First one up is a small 3 way I just completed.

    Vifa BC25SC06-04 tweeter
    Dayton RS100-8 tweeter
    TB W5-704D woofer

    Small cab about 7.0" wide, 17.5" tall, and 13.25" deep.
    The W5-704D is in it's own chamber, approx 14 liters tuned to 49hz
    The RS100-8 operates in it's own small t-line - essentially a brace inside from front to rear on an angle so that exit is about 1" tall at the rear.
    There is an open chamber behind the tweeter, could be used for the crossover, but I ultimately put the components on the rear.
    Very simple crossover.
    I am very very impressed with the RS100! Delicate but detailed quality.
    In the picture you can see MarkK's RS225-RS28 speaker which have been in use for 5 years. The presentation from the 2 speakers is quite different and I do prefer the small 3 way.
    I guess I will call this thing the VDT 1.0

    Some of the other speakers we have completed off the top of head:
    Targas RS150
    Travelers (OW2+5" SB ceramic+RS225)
    Statement Mini's and Statement Monitors
    JB Tribute (SB17MFC35-08 + SB26STAC, series crossover)
    JB RS180 RS28 MTM
    Stance (RS 125-4 + RT003C)
    Duane Brown Dayton 4 (TCP115-4+ND16)
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    Cool little 3 way project
    See my projects on Instagram and Facebook


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      It looks like an interesting design, I like the idea of small 3 way speakers. It is always nice to see more first order crossovers!


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        Any further cabinet details, OntMax?

        I would like to try building a pair.

        nice job!


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          Originally posted by Steve Lee View Post
          Any further cabinet details, OntMax?

          I would like to try building a pair.

          nice job!
          I don't think you have to be too fussy. You can tweak the sizes a bit, just keep 14 litres separate for the W5, and tuned to 49hz (1.5" ABS is fine). Draw it up and then I can offer some help if needed. I can't take a pic of the rear, they are with their new owner.
          I plan on doing another version with a different (larger) woofer. Maybe RS225-8 as I have 4 of them. 2 for the FAST Scanspeak 10F/8424 described at DIYaudio and 2 for maybe this one. Or maybe the Peerless 830883.


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            You chose a lot of very flat/excellent drivers for this 3 way and that is what I am after - the mid enclosure is my major interest but I am really interested in a 6.5" woofer as I have several to choose from although that TB unit you used was high on my list to obtain - just never got them. (Then I got laid-off but still can't shake the interest).